Close Encounter..

The moment you enter the park you are greeted with forests, streams, geothermal features and animals! We are not hiking enthusiasts at all. The animals just happen to be around, foraging for food after the long harsh winter.

Grizzly Bears –  Our day was made when we got to see a grizzly bear with her cub, by the roadside, within a few hours of entering the park . The cub seemed to be shy hiding in the sagebrush while the mom was busy having her brunch, oblivious to all the attention they were  getting!


Bisons –  Bison, Bison everywhere.. Out of the 4000 bisons in the park, our sightings ran into hundreds. If nothing else, bison sighting is guaranteed in the park! They have indeed come a long way from the brink of extinction!

The 2-week old calves (generally born around mid-May) were cute! BisonFinal

The photo above demonstrates that they are wide-spread in all the parts of the park.

Apparently the most injuries in the park are caused by bisons. And we were nerve-wracked by a bison herd crossing right in front of our car! We were held-up at Madison junction for about 30 mins due to this herd crossing, but luckily for us, they were on the other side of the road,whew!

bison jam

‘Bison traffic jam’!!

Backdrop: Teton range

Backdrop: Teton range

Deer –


Now I am beginning to wonder if it is bull elk or a mule deer..

Here is a good visual aid to distinguish between the main members of the deer family –

Birds – 

National Fish Hatchery - 'The swallow's' pond!

National Fish Hatchery – ‘The swallow’s’ pond!

I was fascinated by the swallows, skimming the pond surface at the National Fish Hatchery, Jackson for worms.

And the hummingbird mesmerized me. It was posing for a good 5 minutes until I had to bid adieu to it..Wish I could have stayed there for a while, surrounded by the calmness, busy hummingbirds, the river and the Grand Tetons!


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